Help debugging startup issues

Hi running OH on Proxmox … all worked great
but now OH 8080 port looks like its stuck …

from time to time i am able to reach it…
but most of the time its hanging and not giving any commands to the system
when i look at the log:tail
i see no errors !

where can i find errors for startup/web concoction

  • node red is working on 1880 port
    please help

Did you increase the log level?
Is another application accessing port 8080?
Is port 8443 working or some behavior?

i have nothing on port 8443…

how can i check if have another app on port 8080
i did not install anything , wired thing it comes and goes …
and not always an issue ,there must be some log with that issue

log:tail only shows the last entries in the log file. Better to open openhab.log and maybe also events.log in an editor/viewer and search for ‘warning’ or ‘error’.
It sounds like your Pi is choking on something, like a rogue process consuming all CPU or memory,

Are you sure o_O 8080 is the default port for http openHAB and 8443 is https openHAB

On Linux it would be

sudo netstat -tulpen

On Windows it would be

netstan -an

and then you can see which ports are used,
Windows also has the Resource Monitor where you can Click a process and inspect the Network, which also tells you the Ports and if the ports are allowed in the Firewall.

There is also another User with this kind of issue (but with whole system crashes)

If this appears more often the might be something else wrong here.

ok so i am not quit sure what do you mean
8443 is https openHAB, i am only using 8080 never paid any attention to https(not sure what it means :))

i am running headless ubuntu under proxmox

  • i just want to say my system did not freeze on me in the last two days
  • other ports such as 1880 (node red) is not showing any issues
    *in logs i did not see anything wired, at time of freeze

What the…?
Quick shot, http is plain text, unencrypted and https is encrypted.
You should know about this… Since entering password on http will display you a WARNING THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE message.

i have a god gift of ignoring this type of warnings hhh
thanks for the explanation!

So still, does the same behavior appear when you access https://openhab:8443/ ?

i just found this port… and i did not have that issue since…

small Q, how to use this SSL? just when i use OH to use it mostly with SSL and not the http

i use allot of the rest API… better to change there also ?

When you go to https://openhab:8443 and then click “REST API” it would be also be https :slight_smile:

thanks so i have allot work… all my IOS devices are running normal HTTP in the workflow app :slight_smile:

The only work I see is updating the URL and maybe accepting the self signed cert from openHAB, but I dont know about your IOS Workflow App, is this something you coded yourself?

no its an appstore app now on IOS 12 called shortcuts…
if you use IOS its a must have :slight_smile:

very useful , i have abounded my Basic UI completely for switching things on and off

Yo do switch stuff ON/OFF manually? That’s not a very “smart” home :wink:

hhh that is on the manual part
and yes i agree a true smart home is switch less home :slight_smile: