Help for mapping


I try to replace switch on by the usual French word “allumé”. I went to Pages Sitemaps and I add two lines on mappings menu. I set ON=Allumé and OFF=Eteint.

I got a cursor with the word I wanted to see, but right on the left side of the cursor, I still have On and Off depending of the status of the switch. Can I have some help to cancel On and Off.
Would it be possible that it changes color when it is on.

InOH2 I used the following line in x.sitemap file
mappings=[ON=“allumé”, OFF=“éteint”] labelcolor=[ON=“yellow”, OFF=""] visibility=[Chambre==OFF]

What replace Labelcolor and Visibility.

I tried them but I got an error.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


PS I have installed Openhabian on a rasp 3 B+

Remove the Add a [ ] to the label which will suppress showing the state of the Item.

If you edit your sitemap in the old-fashioned way, these functions work.

It is the GUI sitemap editor that currently has the limitation.

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