Help for OH 1.x and MQTT

Hello everyone. I need help restoring the functionality of an old OH 1.x version. Let me explain better: this instance is running on a home automation hardware that acts as an MQTT Gateway for a HomePLC.

The MQTT v1 add-on and HomePLC add-on are installed. Simply through the MQTT event bus, items that change value are reported in MQTT messages.

To date, I see the MQTT connection to the broker active, but no messages are coming through. OH is running automatically through the rcK and rcS scripts, and with a ‘top’ command, I think OH is running.

The issue arose when I changed the broker, and if I relaunch OH with ./, it seems that the messages start arriving on the broker…

Can anyone help me debug this issue?

Thank you.


Did you just upgrade the Broker?

Can OH Log in to Broker?

Can the PLC Connect to broker?