Help getting the DSCAlarm binding working on OH2 please?

Okay I suspect my main issue is that I’m not yet fully understanding how Things, Channels and Items work in OH2 after having spent so long with OH1.

This is what the content of my dscalarm.thing file looks like. I copied this from the documentation example and apart from the ipaddress and password, the only other thing I really changed was “MyBridgeName” and replaced it with DSCEnvisalink as shown below.

Bridge dscalarm:envisalink:DSCEnvisalink [ ipAddress=“”,password=“xxxxx” ]
Thing panel panel
Thing partition partition1 [ partitionNumber=1 ]
Thing zone zone1 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=1 ]
Thing zone zone3 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=3 ]
Thing keypad keypad

An example of one of my items is then this. I also copied this from the example and mainly just replaced the MyBridgeName with DSCEnvisalink again.

Number PARTITION1_ARM_MODE “Partition 1 Arm Mode: [%d]” (DSCAlarmPartitions) {channel=“dscalarm:partition:DSCEnvisalink:partition1:partition_arm_mode”}

But I must be doing something wrong because I get this kind of thing in the log files…

[WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate command ‘1’ for item ‘PARTITION1_ARM_MODE’ to handler for channel ‘dscalarm:partition:DSCEnvisalink:partition1:partition_arm_mode’, because no thing with the UID ‘dscalarm:partition:DSCEnvisalink:partition1’ could be found.

I apologise because there are probably a million questions on things, channels and items… But if anyone could help me understand what I’m doing wrong then a light bulb might go off in my head and I’ll finally understand how everything should now be setup.

WTF man! I spent ages on this only to realise that the DSCAlarm documentation and examples say to create a file called “dscalarm.thing”…

I was reading more about bindings and the generic documentation says it needs to be “xxx.things” being plural with an “s” on the end… Made that change and it started working first time!

Very frustrating!

How is it possible to update the documentation to stop this causing issues for other people?

You can log into GitHub and edit the via GitHub-Webpage.
This will create a personal frok of the project, create a commit with your changes and then you can make a pull request to merge the changed to the master projekt.

I did this for you.

Hey Tommy,

Glad you got it working. I can fix the documentation, I already have a pull request so I can just make a new commit. Sorry about that. Thanks for finding this.