Help. how to add wifi switch?

i am missing something here.
I have several WiFi switches in my home (not sonoff) which uses ewelink app.
How do I link them to openhab?
I tried network binding, I can see the switches, added them as a thing but nothing happens.
google searches came uo with nothing. is it really possible?


  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RP3
    • openHAB version: 2

If it has an exposed API, then look at the HTTP Binding


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Hey you dont need to disasemble the switch. there ist a really easy method to add ewelink devices to openhab. just use IFTTT. Therefor you need to setup myopenhab and connect both openhab and ewelink to your IFTTT account. strong text

I’d use IFTTT only in non-realtime tasks. The lagging in my experience can add up to seconds and even minutes. I don’t know ewelink devices, but can they be used to trigger URLs or are you bound to use preconfigured IFTTT triggers?

No, you are bound to the IFTTT triggers and I agree, it is not a good Idea to use IFTTT for that task but for most users with such a device it is currently the only way to go.