Help i broke openhab with an update


openhab 2.5 i think.
big issues :frowning:
connected via ssh.
did a sudo openhabian-config
first i choose “upgrade system”.
This did not do a lot, i then took “Install openhab” - install or upgrade to openenhab release 3.
it told me i was in a “master” which was version 2.5 stable or so, the only other options were older versions + openhab3, i took the option that said “recomended”. -> behind version 3
i received operation succesful.
and i whent back to the command window to restart my service with sudo service openhab2 restart:
"failed to restart openhab2.service: unit openhab2.service not found.
Changed the 2 to a 3 , but this had the same issue.

When reconnecting via ssh i see in the command prompt still the:

also restarted the rpi.
am i doing something wrong pls?
i can not connect to my device homepage anymore, theandroid app is also not connected anymore.

sudo openhabian-config does still work

Thank you

which java version is installed ?

java -version

which openhab version is installed

dpkg -l | grep openhab

what is returned by

sudo systemctl status openhab


sudo systemctl status openhab2

Which ports are used by java in case it is running

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep java

EDIT: errors in commands corrected.
Any error message in /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log resp. /var/log/openhab/openhab.log ?

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thank you for the quick reply @Wolfgang_S

Upps. I did a few typos in my list of questions. Will correct that.
What I already can say is that you need to make sure that Java 11 is installed. You have java 8.

Errors in above list of commands should be corrected now.
What I see is that OH3 is installed that is ok.
Please run the systemctl command for openhab service.

thinking out loud here, but is 8 not the recent version?
if i google java 11 i get a SE development kit.

i can install this , if this is what you mean?
but that would not affect my android app either i think?


i did all the commands again that you have given:


i dont have errors i think:

Use openhabian-config to install java 11 ( zulu ).

Errors are logged in file /var/log/openhab/openhab.log.
As you use the windows share you need to make sure that this also works on the right directory ( /var/log/openhab and not /var/log/openhab2 ).


found how to install java zulu, do i need 32 or 64 bit?

i also see other options here.
As i installed openhab3, maybe i just need to use option 41 here?

its under 40 → 45.
Its recommended to install 32-bit version as example zwave binding might have problems with 64bit

command sudo systemctl status openhab3 does not exists because version 3 is sudo systemctl status openhab

openhab instance with OH2 would be sudo systemctl status openhab2 → is it stopped?

I guess you will also be asked to fix autostart with sudo systemctl daemon-reload

also fix your branch at 01

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Thank you both for all the input!

i installed 32 bit zulu.

indeed “sudo systemctl status openhab” shows as active (running) -> should be visible in my screenshot abbove.
If that was what you mean.

it did not ask me to fix autostart.
And what do you want me to choose in my branch?

update: after installing zulu… i notice my hadbpanel was doing something, so i tried the website of my device.
It works!

i have 3 questions:

  • It does ask me to make a new admin account and pw, is this needed? (i feel this is going to be an empty openhab - habpanel is kind a broken it seems on the tablet)
  • now all this works… do i still need to do the sudo systemctl daemon-reload ?
  • and do i still have to do the branch 01 thing?

Thank you!

no. utlimative test is a reboot of the system. If everything is ok then the upgrade should be ok.

Your are in openHAB3 branch that is ok - as it is recommended.

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@Wolfgang_S and @tailor09

both thank you so much!

i created a account and after login and some searching i noticed all my things and items and rules are still there, what a relief!

Habpanel, app and google home is working again, phew, dodged a bullet from the gf :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

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Ha! Now what you mean! 2 days ago homekit wasn’t working :rofl:

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