Help! IFTTT OpenHab2 OptionUnavailable!

Dear friends, i’m using OH2 and I want to integrate it to IFTTT.
I followed this post :
I connected to OH channel on IFTTT website and allowed oAuth already.
I also chose items which I want to expose them to IFTTT by using PaperUI
However, when I create new applets, it’s always saying that Option Available and doesn’t let me choose the items.
How irrigating!
I hope someone could help me!

Just to clarify, does it show the items and not let you choose them or does it not even show the items at all?

And, also to double check… you are using and not… correct?

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It doesn’t show any items but "Option Unavailable"
Yes, I’m using myopenhab.orf and openhab cloud connector, thanks for your quick reply

Hmmm… only thing I can help with then is are the items showing up on the page? They will only show up once they have changed state after exposing them. So if it is a switch, trying turning it off and on and then wait about 10 minutes.

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Check the debug log and make sure openhabcloud is connected to

You can force this disconnect and connect process simply by changing opencloud.cfg or PaperUI -> Services -> OpenhabCloud and save. From this same page you need to select items to expose.

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thanks, i did it, thanks for your both help

How did you fix it? I am having the exact same issue.

Sorry to activate an old threat.

I have the same problem now. I tried zu change the switch state and add it in Paper ui. But i dont see it in myopenhab / ifttt.