Help in configuration openhab 2

If I install openhab2 on windows what’s the next move? I’ve amazon echo dot and broadlink rm 2 . What should I do for binding them to openhab 2.
Thanks for help !

Up ?

That depends on what you want to do. :wink:

Here’s the thread about the broadlink binding:

And here’s the thread about the Amazon stuff:

You should first try to control the broadlink stuff, befor you expose it to Amazon. Don’t try both at once, as a hint. :wink:

You can also use the Hue Emulation (in Add Ons under Misc. Tab – NOT the one in Bindings ) Lets you use Alexa without having to go through MyOpenhab.

Before this, there is a video about this ? I did not understand how do I set broadlink rm 2 from what you send me .
Someone can explane me from the beginning?

How about starting with the available documentation and tutorials at