Help installing Aeotec ZW100 with Z stick and openHAB2 with Z wave binding

I had the sensor working several months ago then removed it from my Rpi3 which has the Aeotec Z stick and ZW100 sensor attached. I am running openHAB2.4, sensor is 1.9. I believe I followed the inclusion instructions correctly, but a few things seem different. I am using the Paper UI.

  1. When searching for the sensor the inbox always shows two instances of the sensor on two different nodes.
  2. When I add one as thing, one at a time to test, only one shows as online.
  3. I see the correct channels, but I do not understand what to link each with - I do not remember having to do this last time, I had just picked each one and with the check mark chosen they appeared in the control section as things, and showed the readings for the 6 sensors.
    Any feedback is appreciated.

For those that run into similar issues in the future I was able to correct the problems. It involved following a process for removing phantom nodes, as well as experimenting with various combinations of adding and removing the sensor as well as select channels and their links.