Help me start my firs device MP707R on openHAB

Hello, help me please to start my first openHAB

a device “MP707R” - 2 relay 5 and temperature sensors.
Management used by Linux.
the commands themselves light

:~# bmcontrol pset 1 1 / turn on first relay*
Status port changed
:-# bmcontrol pset 1 0 / turn off first relay*
Status port changed
:-# bmcontrol ports
Port1 is on
Port2 is off
~# bmcontrol temp 580000047ac2a928

in sitemap all OK /* i think

sitemap name label="OpenHAB"
Frame label="my House"
Group item=gMP label=“Home” icon="cellar"
Frame label=“Date”{
Text item=Date
Text item=Time}

but next step need help in items

Group gMP (All)
Group MP707R “MP707R, rele 2 channel” (gMP)

/ RELE /
Switch MP707R_R1 “MP707R_rele 1” (MP707R) { exec=">[ON:bmcontrol 1 1], >[OFF:bmcontrol 1 0]" }
Switch MP707R_R2 “MP707R_rele 2” (MP707R) { exec=">[ON:bmcontrol 2 1], >[OFF:bmcontrol 1 0]" }
Switch MP707R_status_req “MP707R status” (MP707R) { exec=">[ON:bmcontrol ports]" }
String MP3500_status “status:[:%s]” (MP707R) { exec="<[:‘REGEX((.*))])’]" }

in interface all ok, but in reality …

need to see the temp,
~# bmcontrol temp 580000047ac2a928
but i not idea how do this in openHAB


Does this not work?

Number Temp "Temp [%.1f °C]" { exec="<[bmcontrol temp 580000047ac2a928:60000:]" }

Execute bmcontrol temp 580000047ac2a928 every minute, and use the string returned as the number to set as the state of the Temp item. See the Exec Binding documentation for more information.

thanks its worck
Number Temp_board “Board:[%.1f °C] " (MP707R) { exec=”<[bmcontrol temp 580000047ac2a928:30000:]" }

but i try make Switch on/off
[INFO ] [runtime.busevents ] - MP707R_R1 received command ON
[INFO ] [.o.b.exec.internal.ExecBinding] - executed commandLine 'bmcontrol pset 1 1], >[OFF:bmcontrol pset 1 0’
result on system - nothing, rele still off
[INFO ] [runtime.busevents ] - MP707R_R1 received command OFF
[WARN ] [.o.b.exec.internal.ExecBinding] - doesn’t find matching binding provider [itemName=MP707R_R1, command=OFF]

what is this men? syntaxis?

some correction
Switch MP707R_R1 “MP707R_rele 1” (MP707R) { exec=">[ON:bmcontrol pset 1 1], >[OFF:bmcontrol pset 1 0]" }

The Exec Binding wiki page doesn’t use commas or semicolons between different commands:

Switch MP707R_R1 "MP707R_rele 1" (MP707R) { exec=">[ON:bmcontrol pset 1 1] >[OFF:bmcontrol pset 1 0]" }

patience and again patience, I can not cope, it really wants to get results quickly. Thank you very much, this is a working version.
Hopefully my mistakes and your tips will save time for others suffering :slight_smile:

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