Help me track problem and fix it

orange pi 5 running armbian bullseye server and openhab 4 / java17
openhab.log (12.4 KB)

on start openhab hangs on first error line in log for 2-3 minutes, then rest of the lines come and after that it works fine. what do i look for or what could have i done wrong?
hope its ok to upload part of the log.

without looking at the log… is this a new install or an upgrade? Has this setup ever run properly? Does the host have a network connection to the internet?

its a clean install but backup restored from other orangepipc also with openhab4. this one was upgraded to 4 some time ago, but also has no issues whatsoever. with the old one i had to enter each rule and save it to fix some errors after upgrade to 4. so no, not run properly so far since its clean install. it does run tho, after initial errors.
also yeah, internet over ethernet, but not directly exposed.

I guess that isn’t enough log to find the problem.
So hangs on start up but eventually starts and runs normal? How long does it hang?
I seems to be something with jrules not finding automation folder or mqtt not initializing some channels or something.

no offense but please try to find a good title so that the people can quickly check if they can help you. General questions for help are a waste of time for anybody willing to help.


there is no issues in rest of the log, just custom messages from rules. i start or restart the service then first error comes up

2023-12-03 15:49:02.548 [ERROR] [] - [JRuleRulesWatcher] Failed to start watching folder: /etc/openhab/automation/jrule/etc/openhab/automation/jrule/rules/org/openhab/automation/jrule/rules/user

and then nothing happens for like 2 minutes then rest of WARN messages and then it just continues working normaly, no more error messages

it appears the system can’t find the path to your jrules automation folder but… evidently eventually it does because automations run? Your JRule rules run ok?

yep, all the rules seem to work
where can i check if at all possible(some config?) why does it have same thing written 3 times /etc/openhab/automation/jrule/etc/openhab/automation/jrule/rules/org/openhab/automation/jrule/rules/user
maybe try to fix it

i guess i can live with it if no fix atm, since it seems to work fine… i could try removing openhab and using openhabian to see it that would work better.