Help - MQTT Frustration....(not updating item from Mosquitto)

i have a strange problem that i tried to fix now for two nights without success.

I have ESPeasy sending DS18B20 temperature values for years now…via MQTT. works great via Mosquitto.
Now i added an analog value (0…1023) to the same ESP…alos Mosquitto receives the value (mosquitto log as subscriber):

** /MyESP98/TempOG/TempOG 17.50**
** /MyESP98/TempAttic/TempAttic 3.50**
** /MyESP98/TempOut/TempOut 3.37**
** /MyESP98/WaterOG/WaterOG 1023**

BUT in my events log the WaterOG related item never receives anything…did the same as with the 3 DS18B20 temperature sensors…but nothing arrives…

Number Hofer_TempOut "Outside Rooftop Temp [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (HoferHaus,Hofer_Temps) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/MyESP98/TempOut/TempOut:state:default]"}
Number Hofer_TempAttic "Attic Temp [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (HoferHaus,Hofer_Temps) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/MyESP98/TempAttic/TempAttic:state:default]"}
Number Hofer_TempOG "TopFloor Temp[%.1f °C]" <temperature> (HoferHaus,Hofer_Temps,TempAlert) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/MyESP98/TempOG/TempOG:state:default]"}
Number Hofer_OGwater "OG Water Level [%d mm]" <water> (HoferHaus) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/MyESP98/WaterOG/WaterOG:state:default]"}

Any idea what i’m doing wrong?
Regards Norbert

None of them??
Did you update openHAB to 2.4 by any chance?

i did run in the same trap as most of us…but downgraded weeks ago and now with the old binding all is fine…

none of them?..NO the 3 temp values arrive every minute like a charm, but the water values not at all…therefore i’m frustrated as i have no clue what i could have done wrong.

And as written, the values arrive at Mosquitto…so hard to believe that the ESP has anything to do when already the MQTT broker is receiving values

The items look fine.
What does the log say when you save the items file? Any errors?
Comment out the water item, save, remove comment and save. Logs, please

good point…
but sorry - both ways no errors in the log:

2019-01-13 22:45:32.988 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model 'mqtt.items'
2019-01-13 22:45:58.078 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model 'mqtt.items'

Try changing the item to a String item, what happens?

hm, that was a good one…

I changed to string…and immediately i have seen a log message that the item is updated…and a first line changed from NULL to 1023. but now i realized that there seems to be no log line if the value does not change…(different from Temp values which change very little every minute)…and the analog value often does not change for days…so it seems that there is a new value coming from mosquitto but its not shown in the logs…

2019-01-13 22:52:12.709 [ome.event.ItemUpdatedEvent] - Item 'Hofer_OGwater' has been updated.
2019-01-13 22:52:16.759 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Hofer_OGwater changed from NULL to 1023

Correct, it will only show in the log if the value changes.

There must be an issue in your ESP code that sends an extra character with the number value and it can only be parsed as a string by openHAB.