Help Needed: Enbrighten Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch 58433 Not Fully Discovered by OpenHab 3.1.0


I recently replaced a faulty GE switch with an Enbrighten Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch 58433. I linked it to my Aeon Labs Z-Stick Series 2, and it is recognized as a Thing by OpenHab, showing as Online.

However, I’m encountering a couple of issues:

  1. When I click on Channels, it says, “This thing has no channels. Either the thing type doesn’t define channels, or they may be detected and appear later.”
  2. Under the Information section for Thing Type, it states, “This device has not been fully discovered by the binding.”

I am currently using OpenHab version 3.1.0.

I’ve tried reinitializing the device and removing/re-adding it and that hasn’t helped.
Any ideas on how to get it fully recognized/installed?

Thank you for the help!

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Windows 10
    • openHAB version: 3.1.0

Looks like that device was just added to the zwave database in Nov 2023. Likely the issue if you haven’t updated/upgraded in a while.

Thank you for the response. This is very helpful.

I thought I should update my version of OpenHAB, I just haven’t had the time :slightly_frowning_face: