Help needed for creating new binding


I, as a total newbie, trying to create a binding, am following the document at and using OpenHabian 2.5 on Raspberry Pi 4. But I could not find openhab2-addons directory which contains bundles folder that has the script for skeleton creation.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Have you tried this repository: Script is inside bundles directory there.

What IDE are you using?

@splatch I understand that this repository should be copied into Raspberry Pi and then the script should be called from that directory. If I am correct, it should be copied to in which directory?

@gitMiguel I am using Eclipse IDE.


You can basically download that repo from github and follow the guide instructions . At that moment directory does not matter. when creating new binding finished you can copy jar file to your Raspberry Pi.

No, this repository needs to be copied to your computer/laptop as you do development on your machine. Once your binding is completed (or ready for testing) you upload binary to raspberry so it can run there. In fact it can run also on your computer as openHAB is a piece of software which can be ran on any hardware (think of NAS, PC, Mac, RACK server or even a laptop).

Cheers & good luck,

@codigg3r and @splatch Thank you for your help.