Help needed for excluding z-wave device

please, I need a smart idea how to exclude a zwave device from a Razberry Zwave Module running on a Raspberry Pi 4 openHABian.

I already tried the following:

  • HABmin: set device is FAILed, then Remove device from controller - no success (Error-Message: [ERROR] [message.RemoveFailedNodeMessageClass] - NODE 6: Remove failed node failed as Controller Busy!)
  • Added a secondary controller attached my Widows 10 PC to delete the device - not possible

Does anybody know of a (command line) tool running on Linux where I do not need to install hundred of packages?
Any other ideas welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

after writing this post and restarting Zensys PC Controller I was able to exclude the device (setting the device on the failed list) through a secondary controller.