Help Needed | How can I display battery and temperature status for Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller Gen5 (ZW062)

I have the Aeotec garage door opener (ZW062). It comes with a battery-powered tilt sensor and it appears that it has the ability to report via parameter 42 the state of the battery:

1, Value=0x00: battery power is nominal.
2, Value=0x0F: battery power of Sensor is in low battery.

It can also report the external temperature via parameter 45:

Get the environment temperature:
The temperature value contains one decimal point. E.g. If the report value=252, the temperature is 25.2 °C .
Range is 0 to 500 (0 to 50.0 °C ).

The Thing itself only has 2 channels:


Is it at all possible to bring this information into openhab? Am I correct in thinking that the only way to display the battery state and temperature is to update the binding/database? ie there is nothing I can do from my side to read this information because the channels don’t exist?

They may have added features with newer firmware which would mean a new database entry is needed. Please post the xml file created by IH in the zwave directory of userdata.

Hi @Bruce_Osborne

Thanks for responding. I have attached the XML as requested, however I do see these entries in the existing database entry for the device (but I might not be using it correctly):

42 	Battery state 	Configuration report for the battery state of Sensor
43 	Play or Pause ringtone 	Start playing or Stop playing the ringtone
44 	Ringtone test volume 	Set volume for test of ringtone
45 	Temperature 	Get the environment temperature

network_e670afa0__node_2.xml (16.3 KB)

I do not see channels for those though.

By the way, that is the old, unused database site. The current entry is here.

OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

The documentation link you supplied is for the docs on the OH site. On the new site it is currently only available in a popup. The OH site link is here.

I will try to look into this further.

I just compared with another battery operated device I know shows battery status. It appears that is not a channel . How is that determined?

Support for the battery channel is not explicitly set in the database. It’s simply added when the device supports the battery command class.

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That device does not support the BATTERY command class according to the documentation & the xml file in this thread.

Aeotec must be doing something non-standard.

Yes, it’s totally non-standard as the information is supplied through a read-only (I assume!) configuration parameter. It’s not completely unheard of, but it means the binding can’t process it as a battery state. It would need to be added as a config parameter and probably processed in a rule.

The parameters for battery & temperature are defined. @Lucas now just needs to add rules to update Items to display those parameters.

Are channels defined though? If not, then it’s not possible to use them easily. If they are not defined, then we’d need to add a channel in each parameter called something like “config_decimal” from memory.

I do not believe I know how to do that. Sorry.

It’s exactly the same as adding any channel - create the channel in the CONFIGURATION command class, and then you just need to add “parameter=xx” in the config box for the channel.

I won’t get the chance to look at this tonight and will be on the road tomorrow so will try and take a look tomorrow night if we have WiFi.

I think I have that done. I will wait for your review.

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Perfect - thanks Bruce - it looks good and I’ve approved.

Did you export the database? sometime I need to troubleshoot why I cannot do that.

Wow, thanks for your efforts gents. I appreciate you taking the time to look at it so quickly.

I’m guessing this won’t be available until the next update is released is that right? Definitely not rushing you, just not sure of the next step

For some reason, I cannot export the database & Chris is on vacation. Perhaps some other member can assist.

  1. The database gets exported to GitHub
  2. The snapshot build builds the new binding
  3. You can then use an update script to manually install the new binding
  4. Delete (NOT exclude) & re-add the Thing to OH to get the new changes.

Chris needs to do the export.
We are discussing in a private thread but he may be able to do that part this evening, Scotland time.

Thanks for letting me know.

No hurry though especially if people are away

The export was done last night.

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