Help needed reading rrd-DB


I struggle for a while in the case of monitoring data from smartmeter (S0-Impulse). I count the S0-pulses with a Raspi 1wire-USB-Master in my current distribution board. The Data from the electric meter and the gas meter are stored as numerical values in a rrd-Database (not rrd4j) on the Raspi. My Openhab 2.1 is running on a VM in the same Network and has access to the database over a samba-share. At this point I have no idea how to read the data from the rrd-file to build any Graphs. I have no programming skills and need examples to build it for my own needs. I would be glad if someone has a hint for me.


This is all going to have to take place outside of OH. The only thing built into OH for this is rrd4j and it is limited to charting only Items that exist within OH and persisted to rrd4j.

You will have to find some sort of charting program that can read rrd and chart it for you. You can then include the images or a webview to the charts

Grafana might be able to work with this. Search “Grafana rrd” and see what you can find.