Help needed with groups

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: solidrun/2Gram/20G ssd + Sd card and usb stick
    • OS: _Ubuntu 18.04
    • Java Runtime Environment:JDK 8
    • openHAB 2.4

I am having problem with probably a very simple thing.
Here is what I want to achive;

Items definitions

Group gRoomhab
Group gMessboard

Switch room_hab_D1 " [MAP(]" (gRoomhab)
Switch room_hab_D2 " [MAP(]" (gRoomhab)
Switch room_hab_Dn " [MAP(]" (gRoomhab)

String messboardcntrlR1 “Message X: [%s]" (gMessboard)
String messboardcntrlR2 “Message X: [%s]" (gMessboard) .
String messboardcntrlRn “Message X: [%s]" (gMessboard)

So for each room_hab_Dn item, there is a corresponding messboardcntrlRn item

Rule “send message to”
Member of gRoomhab changed to ON

what i am trying to do is to postUpdate in messboardctrl”n” corresponding to room_hab_D”n” that triggered the rule i.e. when room_hab_D1 triggers the rule, I want to put a messge in messboardcntrlR1. Obviously I would like to avoid writing “n” different rules if I have" n" different switches.

Thanks for any help.

See Design Pattern: Associated Items

Thanks a lot Sir,
Will read that DP again, I have probably mist somthing
Thanks again