Help needed with rollershutter automation

Hello everybody,
with all Bindings in place and all Things auto-detected I am quite a bit lost on how to start with automation…

what I have: openhaspianpi with OH2.1, astro binding, Homematic CCU2, various homematic actors and buttons. i.E. motorized rollershutters…

what I want: automatically open/Close the roller shutters according to:

  • time of the day
  • position of the sun
  • Cloud coverage (for example: when it’s cloudy, ignore the sun position)

also, I want a timer that shuts off automation for a predefined timespan every time I manually controll the blinds (i.e. stop automation for 2 hours after I press a button).

Can please someone help me with the next steps, Point me to the right chapter in the manual or show me example scripts where I can get Inspiration?
thank you!

For timeout, you could use the expire binding. Every time you trigger the switch, the expire binding will reset it’s counter. if the counter runs out, the expire binding will change the state of the associated item to a default state.

For time of day you will have to use either cron triggers to rules or caldav binding/google calendar binding. The former is more easy while the latter is more mutable.

Position of sun is easy captured by astro binding, while cloud coverage could come from weather binding, but be aware that the latter information is weak.

All automation should be programmed in rules.

For documentation take a look at and/or (there are many samples in the github wiki, but take care of changes between OH1 and OH2.

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