HELP - new openhab 2.5 with MQTT and Sonoff tasmota not working .... :-(

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    • Hardware: QNAP 469L
    • OS: Linux
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I am currently running a Domoticz on my NAS 169L with a Mosquito 1.4.10 MQTT with no username/pw ( at least i dont know as i did not set anything in Mosquito nor in Domoticz)
I installed in parallel OpenHab 2.5.3 with Java

I set up MQTT binding and MQTT broker binding. Connection obviously seems ok - as indication light is green.

I connected item (sonoff switch) - and tried to switch on and off - but doesn’t work

With an MQTT sky i can see communication between domoticz and sonoff, however i cannot see any MQTT command from openhab …

I am not a profi at all - however I have good basic knowledge (i think as i managed it with domoticz) - where do i have to search for the failure … what info do you need to support my investigation … ??

hope to get hints from you …

Without knowing how you did setup the MQTT Broker Thing, the MQTT Generic Things and Items we can’t say.

MQTT binding from David Graeff

MQTT Broker with IP Adress of Qnap - Port is standard 1883 - so should fit
Status is “online”

MQTT Thing - Sonoff selected
Status is “online”

When switching via control - nothing happens - and i cannot see anything via MQTT snoofer …

What and how did you configure the channels in the MQTT Thing?
Could you paste them, especially the incoming and outgoing topics?
Do they match what the sonoff device sends?