Help Please for Sensor channels / Home Assistant with Sonoff Tasmota

I am using openHAB 2.5.8-1 (Release Build) on my Pi4 and just changing the sonoffs to “setoption19 1” in order to get the automatic detection up and running for these devices.
All OK so far but I do have one sonoff device using the sensor SI7021 for humidity and temperature.

I cannot “catch” the sensor values in order to display these in my sitemap.
Switch is working, but there are no channels created for the sensors by openhab during the automatic setup.
Strange is that I can see the sensors when I choose the “pen” for that device in the PaperUI channel GUI.
Does anyone how to include these in my item list/sitemap?
Does this need some jasonpath setup (which is already running)?

and I also can see the sensors in mqtt.fx

Hi @boris03!

Yes, sorry, that feature will be added to the binding once is merged. The binding doesn’t create the channel because Tasmota sets the “force update” (“frc_upd” in your second image) flag to true and that’s not supported. I hope that the PR will be merged for 2.5.9 :crossed_fingers:

Thanks a lot!
Can I influence that behavior from tasmota, can I change this setting maybe with a console command in tasmota?

Hi again @boris03!

As far as I know, no, you can’t change that from Tasmota, sorry :cry:

One other thing I noticed, I would like to share with you, when I changed to 2.5.8 all my home assistant tasmota devices were re-detected again and now all switches belonging to one device created as one channel within one thing. Before e.g. One device with 4 switches was creating 4 things with one channel each.
So I think this was a good improvement even it required to reconfigure all devices…

And one thing I still notice there are things “wrongly” shown as offline in paperui. They are online working without problems, how can I get them shown “correctly” online in paperui?
Sometimes after restart things are online and switch back to offline without any action performed. This is for a few devices only and is a bit confusing…

@boris03, do you know if there is any text message next to the “Offline” one? Any error message in the log file?

it says Offline - Gone
and in the log I can see for this device:
‘mqtt:homeassistant_372D82:583ffe5b:372D82’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (GONE): No response from the device yet. This ia a typical entry for all homeassistant devices but others change a little later automatically, some not…

To mention again this device is working so clearly online, it seems only the stae in PaperUI what isn´t refelcted correctly. Next time when I restart it will be another device what gets this stupid behaviour in PaperUI.

Hi, do you know if this PR was merged to 2.5.9?
I just updated to and still there aren´t channels created for the sensors.
The sensors are detected as you can see in the screen I have added but no separate channels.

Hi @boris03!

No, it was merged yesterday, so it will be available for OH3, sorry :cry:

OK thanks