Help please - NikoBUS

I completely new to this and trying to Nikobus binding installed. Everytime time I try it says it has done it but it doesn’t appear in the Inbox also when you go back to the binding it shows as installed.

Help please what am I doing wrong?


Nikobus is a 1.9 version binding. 1.9 version bindings have not Things/Channels, do not support automatic discovery, and cannot be managed from PaperUI.

See the following for how to configure and use this binding.

Do you think it is likely that a Version 2 will be made available at some point?

I am also having trouble just following these instructions.

It says to edit the logback_debug.xml file which I do not have. I must be missing something basic here…??

Also when it comes to setting up the serial any idea how you know what setting to use here?



I don’t know .

Unfortunately those instructions appear to be very OH 1 specific.

OH2 no longer has a logback.xml. See this for how to watch the logs in the karaf console. Use

log:set DEBUG
log:tail org.openhab.binding.nikobus

There is no longer an openhab.cfg file. Instead there will be a nikibus.cfg file in services. The configuration parameters are the same only leave off the leading nikobus: part (e.g. nikobus:serial.port=/dev/ttyUSB0 becomes serial.port=/dev/ttyUSB0).

To create the Item file you need to create and edit a file in the items folder that ends in .items.

The rest appears to work the same. I’ve zero experience with this binding so can’t help with the rest.

Thank you.