Help request for new device

Hi all,

i’m new in the openHab world. I developed an hardware that implement a gateway that communicate in RS-232
with the host, and by this gateway i can communicate with sensor and actuators.
Now, i woiuld like to make this hardware compliant with openHab. I read and make some test with openHab,
but i need help to understand the developement line to follow. First question, is possible to create a configuration
menu where i can do a network discover to see all the node in my network?

openHAB 2 does have a concept of automated discovery of Things which might be what you are referring to. There is documentation for developing an OH 2 binding here on the Eclipse SmartHome project (one of the basis of OH 2).

Hi Pablito, I had a similar situation. The lights in my house are low voltage DC controlled by a Lumencache system. The Lumencache systems interface to the outside world is only via RS485, so what I did is get a Raspberry Pi 2 with a Raspicomm RS485 board and wrote some Python code that continually monitors that serial port for status messages.
Since Lumencache broadcasts every light change over this serial bus, I just capture these messages and convert them to an MQTT message that gets sent to a Mosquitto broker running on my OH2 server.
I defined general purpose Items for sending and receiving MQTT messages which are handled by rules to update light statuses in the UI and to send commands to Lumencache when switches/dimmers are activated in the UI.

I don’t know if this helps you, it’s just how I solved my interfacing issues.

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Kenny, Pablito,
There’s a full protocol in the LumenCache forum available now here.
Product details available here in the Tabs.

If anyone is interested in publishing and supporting a reliable Openhab driver for LumenCache, please use the LumenCache Contact Us page. We will happily provide hardware to help develop and maintain the driver.