Help rules

Hi guys I have to create a rules that turns me on mini sonoffs at x seconds of each other.
Who would send me a written example?
Thank you

Oh 3

Generally we don’t write the code for you. Doing so deprives you of the opportunity to learn and ends up becoming a time sink because you’ll just be back asking for us to write all of your rules. That’s not the purpose of this forum.

Furthermore, there is not nearly enough information here to even begin to implement such a rule for you.

So you should go and give it a try yourself. Come back with specific questions that are based on things you have actually tried and we will be happy to help.

you’re right, I don’t want you to write it to me, I just wanted an example of syntax

You can turn switches on and off by manipulating item states. The docs have some good examples. See

I try, thanks

Which language? Rules created through the UI or in text files?

Text file

Sigh… There were two questions there. Search the forum or browse the Tutorials and Solutions category. Look at the docs. There are lots and lots of examples. I don’t have time to help though if you can’t be bothered to answer all the questions you’ve been asked.

ok thanks