Help setting up a zwave device

So I bought an Aeotec Siren. I found this xml.

Based on this information how do I set up the items in the items file? I assume I need three items:
Siren (for turning it on and off)

OK, I figured out how to set up the basic alarm on and off. Still experimenting with changing the sound and volume.

Switch    Siren    "Siren"   (gAlarm)    {zwave="13:command=BASIC"}

You probably worked it out, but these XML files won’t really help you with the item configuration - they just contain the configuration parameters…

Thanks for the reply but I’m still struggling with the type and volume of the sound. I’m sure this it total fubar but this doesn’t work. At least it doesn’t give me a value

Number    Siren_Sound    "Siren Sound %.0f"   (gAlarm)  {zwave="13:command=configuration, value1"}
Number    Siren_Volume   "Siren Volume %.0f"  (gAlarm)  {zwave="13:command=configuration, value2"}

Check the wiki - I think that where you have value1 (or value2), it should be ‘parameter=1’.

OK I changed it (see items and sitemap sample below) and still no values displayed. Also clicking on the up and down icons doesn’t make a difference in the sound.

   Number Siren_Sound   "Siren Sound [%d]"  (gAlarm)    {zwave="13:command=configuration, parameter=1"}
   Number Siren_Volume  "Siren Volume [%d]" (gAlarm)   {zwave="13:command=configuration, parameter=2"}

   Setpoint item=Siren_Sound label="Siren Sound [%d]" minValue=0 maxValue=5 step=1
   Setpoint item=Siren_Volume label="Siren Volume [%d]" minValue=0 maxValue=3 step=1

What do the logs show?

I pressed the up button on both items in the sitemap twice.

15:33:22.019 [WARN ] [.w.internal.servlet.CmdServlet:97   ] - Received unknown command 'Uninitialized' for item 'Siren_Sound'
15:33:22.021 [WARN ] [.w.internal.servlet.CmdServlet:97   ] - Received unknown command 'Uninitialized' for item 'Siren_Sound'
15:33:22.022 [WARN ] [.w.internal.servlet.CmdServlet:97   ] - Received unknown command 'Uninitialized' for item 'Siren_Volume'
15:33:22.023 [WARN ] [.w.internal.servlet.CmdServlet:97   ] - Received unknown command 'Uninitialized' for item 'Siren_Volume'

So for starters, the value isn’t initialised. Maybe try setting this to use a dimmer rather than a number?

Secondly, when debugging, it’s always useful to provide debug logs :smile:. The warning level is all but useless for debugging…


According to the xml its parameter 37 wich is used for siren sound en volume. So you got parameter=37, value1=1 for sound 1, value1=2 for sound 2

Good point!

So I tired this with the same result in the log. Still “uninitialized”.

Number  Siren_Sound  "Siren Sound [%d]"  (gAlarm)    {zwave="13:command=configuration, parameter=37, value1"}
Number  Siren_Volume  "Siren Volume [%d]"  (gAlarm)   {zwave="13:command=configuration, parameter=37, value2"}

Value1 should also be set to 1, 2, etc. Only value1 doesn’t do anything.

You can not set value1 (etc), this doesn’t do anything (please check the wiki - the only option for the configuration class is parameter).

The value must come from the item itself.

So if they both use parameter=37, then how would I set the value for the two different properties? I did see mention of (low byte) and (high byte). If I need to set these then I need to create one “parameter=37” item and two other items for changing the values, then a rule to apply it to the “parameter=37” item. If that is the case I have some homework to do in figuring out converting values of 0,1,2,3,4,5 to low bytes and 0-3 for the high byte, combining them together into a two byte value then setting the real item to that value.

You need to set the value of the item to the different values.

So, you only have a single item, but you then need to set up a switch, or a slider, or whatever, so that it sets the value of the item to 1,2,3,4…

Can’t it be that you should set parameter to say 12? Value 1 = 1 and value 2 is 2?
Just guessing here.

Sorry - just to add, think about this like a dimmer - you don’t have 100 items for each level of light - you have 1 item, and then you set the value of the item to a number between 0 and 100 to set the light level…

It’s the same here - one item with parameter=37, and then you need to use the sitemap to set the value.

Yes, but no… You need to set this as a hex value, so as above, you need to use a switch, probably with mapping to make it usable. You won’t be able to break the two parts into separate items without using a rule.

However, to set the siren to 100dB, sound 2, this is 0x0202, which is a decimal value of 258.

If you want to break sound level and sound type into separate values, then you will need a rule, and you’ll need to then combine the two parts in the rule, and set the real item (ie the zwave item) in that rule by combining the two parts.

Isn’t it possible to get the values from the log when using habmin and setting the different items?