Help setting up home alarm system

Hi everyone, a question coming from a newbie. I’m looking into setting up a home alarm system and a Home Automation using Raspberry PI.
Presently I’m use Wink with zwave digital switches. When a door opens I get a text which I love and would like to use. Also would like to get a sound bit over some type of speaker to say what door has been open or closes. Example “Front door open” “Front door closed”. Can anyone give me or point to what I might want to program/use. Any help appreciated

  • You will need to get a USB Zwave controller to plug into your Pi; alternatively you will need to root your wink hub and follow these instructions to get OH talking with your hub or these instrcutions/scripts if you are just wanting OH to receive data from the hub, not command things. The following assumes a new Zwave Controller dongle.
  • Remove the association with all of your devices with the wink hub.
  • Associate all of your devices with the new controller.
  • Install the zwave binding and habmin.
  • Configure your Items according to the Zwave wiki page.
  • You will need to create Rules which trigger when your sensors detect an open door. You can use the my.openhab binding to send SMS (not too many or they will no longer be able to offer this service for free). Many people use a push notification service like Pushover instead. You can use the say actions to announce when doors are opened or closed.

thank you. I have a good start now