Help setting up item tasmota switch For a certain time of ignition

I set up a MQTT tasmota switch and it works great
I am asking for help setting up:
item for turning on only 15 min
Item for turning on only 30 min
item for turning on only 60 min
How do you do that?

If I am understanging you correct you wanto to send some MQTT Mesagge at certain times. Is that correct? This would be done with a cron trigger. For example:

rule "Cron"


    Time cron "*/15 * * * * ?"




Have a lok into the Expire Binding

Turning on for a time after… what? What happens to begin timing? Are you talking about three different devices, or one? How will everything know which different time is wanted?

As a general guide, you won’t go far wrong searching this forum for “motion timer” examples.

thanks this is what if I was looking and it working

This is what I defined:

Switch Boiler “Boiler” {channel = “mqtt: topic: Boiler: Boiler”, expire = “15m, command = OFF”}
Switch Boiler “Boiler” {channel = “mqtt: topic: Boiler: Boiler”, expire = “30m, command = OFF”}
Switch Boiler “Boiler” {channel = “mqtt: topic: Boiler: Boiler”, expire = “45m, command = OFF”}
Switch Boiler “Boiler” {channel = “mqtt: topic: Boiler: Boiler”, expire = “60m, command = OFF”}
How can i add it to a sitemap

All your Items have the same name - you can’t do that! (Well, I mean, clearly you can, but it won’t work!)

If you want to switch the same Item off at varying countdown times, you’re probably better off looking at using rules with timers, as @rossko57 mentioned.

Thanks for responding, I gave each of them a different name

apparently he is trying to turn on boiler … which seems bit odd to do 15 30 45 60 min steps… I would like to know usecase really

You’re right, that’s what I’m trying to do…

quite strange approach

anyway something like this should do it. This indeed does not cover situation when you switch more switches once, first expire will win.
That can be solved by extended rule or via sitemap hidden items when something is already ON

Switch helper15 “h15” (BoilerTimer) {expire=“15m, command = OFF”}
Switch helper30 “h30  (BoilerTimer) {expire=“30m, command = OFF”}
Switch helper45 “h45  (BoilerTimer) {expire=“45m, command = OFF”}
Switch helper60 “h60”  (BoilerTimer) expire=“60m, command = OFF”}

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) BoilerTimer  "something"

Switch Boiler "Boiler" (channel="mqtt stuff"}

rule "strange boiler ON"
  Member of BoilerTimer changed to ON

rule "strange boiler OFF"
    Member of BoilerTimer changed to OFF

You can also send a command with the time in it to tasmota via backlog (There could be a limit on max delay time)

Backlog Status 1; Power2 on; Delay 20; Power2 off; Status 4

or 3 RuleTimers

or use a PulseTime that is configured each time.

Sorry but I did not quite understand what to do here? Can you explain to me better?
thank you for your time

first I’ve defined 4 helper switches 15 30 45 60 mins and their expire. Those switches I’ve added to group BoilerTimer which will goes ON/OFF depends on the state of actual one of each switches

in rules I’ve made ON rule, which reacts to BoilerTimer group when that given group goes ON and therefore switching ON actual boilerswitch - same with OFF state.

I assume you know which parts goes where (eg. things/rules) as this is something you should know. If not, please take a look onto the documentation here:

and here

You need to tweak it for your needs or you should better explain what is your usecase bit more.

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In winter there is no hot water (electric heater) and I do not have fixed hours that I return from work and I want to set a switch that will run for half an hour and another switch that will run for an hour

if you wanna complex heating example (which may work for hot water as well), you can take a look here

and adjust what you need for your specific case.

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