Help to first time KNX code


I have en OpenHAB 2.1 up and running, and my house have EIB / KNX wiring. I plan to use som other Vera Plus things, but want to use OpenHAB as my system.

But I need some help to start use my first OpenHAB and KNX code to read the temperature from my outside lightsensor, which also read the outside temperatur. That will be the first beginning of understanding when reading from other rooms and lights.

I have en KNX IP gateway, have all my groupaddress, and it seems that I have an success bindings for KNX working, the logs “Established connection to the KNX bus on in mode ROUTER”.

I had read some wiki and so on, but a litte difficult to understand everything yet.

So, can someone help me please to write the code in my .items file which reads the value temperature from my groupaddress 1/2/1 (Temperature Celcius), and then into the .sitemap file.

Then I will quick understand the concepts…, and be very greatful…


did you check out the docs entry?

There is a sample Temp config there:

Number Temperature_GF_Living "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (GF_Living) { knx="<1/2/1" }

Then, for your sitemap, display the new Item.


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