Help translating HABPanel in your language!

@ysc Czech approved…

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Thanks to the developers responsible for openHab, today I made a small contribution translating these files to the language PT-BR, I hope it is useful.

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Made me smile when I opened HABPanel after a long time and Finnish translation popped right up! :smiley:

Have to say it was quite easy translating with crowdin and I’m happy about my contribution to the community :+1:

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…and it is appreciated :smiley:

Time for an update!
To help with proofreading, I have decided to merge all currently approved translations as they stand in the screenshot below (in green) so they will appear in HABPanel in the next snapshot.

What this means is: languages not completely proofread and validated (with a full green bar) will appear in HABPanel in a mix of translated strings and English. This will hopefully inspire users to complete the validation, and surface eventual issues too. If you want to help, just ask for proofreading rights and start approving translations - some languages are already ready (in blue) but need native speakers to do a final validation! :slight_smile:
As always, thanks to all contributors to this effort!

New (complete) translations:

:greece: Greek - thanks to @ngalfas
:czech_republic: Czech - thanks to @FrankCZ

@fmrenan - Brazilian Portuguese will be added, there is currently a conflict with the earlier Portuguese (from Portugal) which is also complete, a solution is in the works :slight_smile:


New (complete) translations:

3 new completed languages are now merged, which I approved myself, either because they received votes and I sort-of can judge the quality, or because they were finished for some time and not likely to get proofread :grin:

:cn: Chinese (simplified) thanks to 钱军 (1011414831ab) at Crowdin
:israel: Hebrew thanks to aviramr at Crowdin
:es: Spanish thanks to everybody involved!

:denmark: Danish, :netherlands: Dutch, :sweden: Swedish are complete but still need proofreaders :slight_smile:

HABPanel is now available in 14 languages! Amazing!
:cn: :czech_republic: :de: :uk: :es: :finland: :fr: :greece: :israel: :it: :poland: :portugal: :philippines: :tr:


Where can I download czech translate? Thx

Just merged two new 100% completed and approved translations by the community!

:hungary: Hungarian
:ru: Russian

Thank you very much to all involved for your work!

Translations in the following languages are already completed but still need proofreading:
:netherlands: Dutch, :denmark: Danish, :norway: Norwegian, :sweden: Swedish, :romania: Romanian
If you can help, please step up!

Set your openHAB server to Czech in Paper UI (Configuration > System), or leave it blank and put Czech before English in the preferred languages order in the browser.

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:romania: Romanian is now complete and merged, thanks to @4digital and Simona Postolachi (simypo) who completed the translation and the proofreading!

Near 100 contributors have stepped up! :star_struck:

Hello all,
Since this topic is about translation, I have a query too.
I’m working on incorporating’s Video Translator into my application for multilingual video content. But I’m particularly interested in insights regarding seamless synchronization with video playback, handling different languages, and any best practices for optimizing translation accuracy.
Can anyone help me with this.