Help Update Windows 7

HELLO ! i have a problem i cant update soy openhab 2.5.6 machine there is a problem! Windows 7 * 32 ssd 256 intelБезымянный


My actions ???

De install the Modbus binding, so that it stops trying to install the broken 'current" 2.5.9 version.

If you need Modbus after upgrade, manually install 2.5.10 snapshot by putting the jar in your add-ons folder

I have a new problem

Well, it’s right. 2.6.6 is not a valid version.

how to fix

Don’t ask for upgrade to 2.6.6? I don’t know, how are you trying to upgrade here?

I am not asking for this version! he puts it himself

Who puts it? What are you using to upgrade?


Might be ideas here