Help With Auto Outside lights. (node red / text rules)

i have an idea. but need help pointing me in the right direction.
what i whant to do is the following.

  1. my outside lights must look at 3 variables
    First one = Sunrise / sun set (time)
    Second = the on switch
    3rd is set off time ( this would only be a time that is set to turn lights of on a fixed time will only be the garden feature lights)
    the rest will turn on and of at sun set and sun rise.
    not sure where to start. if some one can point me in the right direction i can first tri to do it my self. and keep a active log on progress and the function there of.

You might be interested in the conditional rules / Node-RED flows that I briefly touch on at this point of a video.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to get a time to be or also be the trigger for these.

(They are very basic, but might give you some inspiration)

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