Help with code for HabPanel

Hi Community!
I’m glad to be here and I have to announce that I am new to both OH and HTML and a “mental Nackerpazerl”. So please do not be angry if I either post in the wrong forum, or ask for you a logical or in the case stupid question.

So in short, it’s actually about (probably) just a small thing. I want to add a live stream of a webcam from my city to my habpanel. There is actually a generator where I can generate the appearance and outputs the corresponding code. Now I wanted to paste the code into the “template” widget of the Habpanel, only nothing is displayed. Can someone tinker with the following code that I see it successfully? Would be very grateful for your help for a newbie.

Code issued to me at the generator is the following:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">{
 resolution: "optimized",
 culture: "de-DE",
 width: "100%",
 instanceName: false,
 instanceLogo: false,
 map: false,
 weather: false,
 instance: 475

Thanks for your help