Help with debugging habpanel and other loading issues

Recently I updated to Openhab 2.5.6 and have been having all sorts of issues with the web based UIs. I can’t say I’ve ever had this much trouble, and never issues that have stuck around for such a long time like this. Normally I can find something that is actually wrong and fix it.

My UIs keep crashing and disappearing from the start page. Is this start page the “Dashboard UI”? Generally I’ve been running with “ui = basic,classic,paper,habpanel,habmin” in my addons.cfg. But since the upgrade much of the time none of them load. The last few days I’ve been getting them to start, but within 24 hours they disappear. Right now I’ve even removed basic, classic, and habmin from the setting and they still load. I wonder how much else might still be starting after I’ve tried to disable it.

I’ve been trying to enable different logging options but can’t seem to find the right things to add to figure this out. I’m wanting to see the loading of the binding and UI components.

I have a feeling that something is hanging and causing the load to fault. I’ve tried disabling things one at a time, but with little to no luck. I’ve tried clearing the cache and temp folders repeatedly along with solving a few file permission issues. Doing this however messed things up really bad as I had a fair amount of config in PaperUI settings apparently. I have since rebuilt this into .things and .items config files.

I feel like I’m working blind here.