Help With GE Z-Wave Dimmers

I have a few of the GE 12724 dimmers. When I try to increase or decrease the dim level via the web interface, it either doesn’t respond or the dim level will not go up very much - 5-10%. I’ve played around with the items based on various things I’ve found with no luck.

My current items:

Dimmer Light_Corridor_Dimmer "Hallway Dimmer [%d %%]" {zwave="2:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=600"}
Switch Upstairs_Hallway "Upstairs Hallway" {zwave="2:command=BASIC,refresh_interval=600"}
Dimmer Light_Office_Fan_Light "Ceiling Fan Light Dimmer [%d %%]" {zwave="3:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=600"}
Switch Fan_Light "Ceiling Fan Light" {zwave="3:command=BASIC,refresh_interval=600"}
Dimmer Light_Office_Recessed_Dimmer "Office Recessed Lighting Dimmer" {zwave="4:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=600"}
Switch Office_Recessed "Office Recessed Lighting" {zwave="4:command=BASIC,refresh_interval=600"}

My current sitemap:

sitemap demo label="This House"
        Frame label="Upstairs" {
                Text label="Office" icon="attic" {
                    Frame label="Hallway Lighting" {
                            Slider item=Light_Corridor_Dimmer label="Upstairs Hallway Dimmer"
                            Switch item=Upstairs_Hallway label="Upstairs Hallway"
                    Frame label="Office Lighting" {
                            Switch item=OfficeMood label="Office Mood Lighting"
                            Slider item=Light_Office_Fan_Light label="Ceiling Fan Light Dimmer"
                            Switch item=Fan_Light label="Ceiling Fan Light"
                            Slider item=Light_Office_Recessed_Dimmer label="Recessed Lighting Dimmer"
                            Switch item=Office_Recessed label="Recessed Lighting"
    Frame label="Outside" {
            Text label="Outside" icon="garden" {
                    Frame label="Front Lights" {
                            Switch item=FrontDrive label="Front Drive"
                            Switch item=FrontPorch label="Front Porch"

Is there a way to poll the switch to determine current dim level and have it display on the web interface?

What exactly does “[%d %%]” do?


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I also saw the suggestion from @watou about adding the “[%d%%]” to display dimmer percentage. When I tried (with my GE dimmers), it actually turned the dimmer back into a binary switch, behavior-wise. Up-arrow turned light completely ON, down-arrow turned it completely OFF. No intermediate gradations (which did work before and do now after removing the [%d%%] clause.

I just found this in regards to setting up rules:

   rule "Dimmed Light"
        Item DimmedLight received command
        var Number percent = 0
        if(DimmedLight.state instanceof DecimalType) percent = DimmedLight.state as DecimalType 

        if(receivedCommand==INCREASE) percent = percent + 5
        if(receivedCommand==DECREASE) percent = percent - 5

        if(percent<0)   percent = 0
        if(percent>100) percent = 100
        postUpdate(DimmedLight, percent);

Now if only I can figure out where to put it.

It works, as long as you don’t use Chrome. I used Firefox, and it works somewhat.

Using the Openhab Android app, you get a slider rather than up and down arrows. It works pretty good that way.

@Go3Team Where did you wind up putting those rules?

There’s a rules folder here:


Any rule made should automatically be added.