Help with getting an OpenHab trigger to trigger PC to display a web page

Not sure the best way to do this, where the topic really should be but I think Bindings is a good start.

Ultimately I want to

  1. Have Blue Iris Security detect motion (done)
  2. Blue Iris sends command via REST to OpenHab to change switch state to on. (done)
  3. Have an OpenHab rule that says if the switch is on, trigger a pc in my house to open a web browser to the blue iris feed

Any ideas on how to do this?

If your PC is running windows, you should really take a look at EventGhost. You define triggers and actions there.

For example you can have the EventGhost Webserver listening and react on calls to specific paths coming from openHAB.

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Thanks looks like that and the webserver I will be able to do it. Time to build the computer!