Help with Hue

I have been trying to set up Openhab 1 for a few weeks but have been unable to get it to work (I’m New to programing and Openhab) and am now trying to use OH2 using the Openhabianpi download but cant get my hue lights to work and they are the only thing I have that I can connect to OH. I get the switch’s or the slider bar to come up but they don’t change the light. this is my annex.sitemap

sitemap annex label=“The Annex”
Frame {
Group item=Light label=“All lighting” icon="hue"
Group item=My_Room label=“My Room” icon="hue"
Switch item=My_Room_Hue label="My Room"
Group item=Kids_Room label=“Kids Room” icon="Bed"
Group item=Landing label=“Landing” icon="hue"
Switch item=Kids_Room_Hue label=“Kids Room”

 Frame {
 Switch item=Landing label="Landing"


This is my annex.items (to include all the ways I have tried already)

Group Kids_Room “Bed”
Group My_Room “My Room”

Dimmer My_Room_Hue “My Room Hue” (My_Room) { channel=“hue:LWB006:00178829cc27:6:brightness” }
Switch Kids_Room_Hue “Kids Room Hue” (Kids_Room) {channel=“hue:_0100_00178829cc27_4_brightness”}
Switch Bathroom_Hue “Bathoom Hue” (Bathroom) {channel=“hue:_0100_00178829cc27_6_brightness”}
Dimmer Landing_Hue “Landing Hue” (Landing) {hue=“4”}

Can anyone help?

I can’t address the HUE stuff but I do notice some issues.

There must be an Item or Group for every line in your sitemap that has an “item=” and the names much match exactly.

Also when you use a Group element on the sitemap, the item must be a Group.

sitemap annex label="The Annex"
  Frame {
    Group item=Light label="All lighting" icon="hue"   // You have not Group named Light
    Group item=My_Room label="My Room" icon="hue"      // This should show all the members of My_Room with their default control element (i.e. My_Room_Hue as a slider or a setpoint)
    Switch item=My_Room_Hue label="My Room"            // This should work, but Slider or Setpoint would be a better option for a Dimmer
    Group item=Kids_Room label="Kids Room" icon="Bed"  // This should show all the members of Kids_Room per above
    Group item=Landing label="Landing" icon="hue"      // You have no Landing Group defined
    Switch item=Kids_Room_Hue label="Kids Room"        // This should work as is

 Frame {
   Switch item=Landing label="Landing"  // You have no Item defined named Landing.

That being said, you need to look in the logs for errors. Make sure OH is communicating with your Hue hub and not throwing errors and the like.

Thanks rlkoshak, I will alter those lines and see if that helps and have a look a the log

i have managed to get them to work now but if i turn on the bathroom light it also control’s the My_Hue. can you see what i have done wrong?

Dimmer My_Hue { channel=“hue:0100:00178829cc27:4:brightness” }

Dimmer Kids_Hue { channel=“hue:0100:00178829cc27:5:brightness” }

Dimmer Bathroom_Hue { channel=“hue:0100:00178829cc27:6:brightness” }

sitemap annex label=“The Annex”
Frame {
Group item=My_Room label=“My Room” icon="hue"
Slider item=My_Hue label="My Lights"
Group item=Kids_Room label=“Kids Room” icon="bed"
Slider item=Kids_Hue label="Kids Lights"
Group item=Bathroom label=“Bathroom” icon="bathroom"
Slider item=Bathroom_Hue label=“Bathroom Light”



I see nothing wrong with the sitemap. Maybe a Hue expert can help.

Thanks I think I am on the way to solving it now, the number of the hue bulbs were not right so I have altered and have got them working now, just need to get it all working correctly now.

do you success on link discovered things by PAPERUI on .rules file?


I haven’t used and rules yet. I am trying to sort out a problem that a thing is linked to the wrong item and it ends up turning 2 lights on instead of one

Try to see if there us somenthing strange on REST.
I have same configuration like U and for me is working.

I have found the problem, through habmin I Cound that there was a link between the item I have set up for the bathroom light and the bedroom light, when I turned the link off it looks to be working ok. I hope to be able to move on to connecting temperature sensors to my pi next.