Help with Insteon and MQTT

Hi all, I’ve been trying to get MQTT to work with my OH2 and Insteon setup, but I can’t seem to get OH2 to publish any messages when I send an Insteon command or an Insteon device changes state. MQTT is working with another test setup, but not at all with Insteon devices. Here’s an example of one of my Insteon items (that does not publish MQTT messages)

Dimmer	grLamps	"Great Room Lamps"	(GreatRoom,Main,Lights)		{ ">[mq:myhouse/greatroom/light:command:ON:1],>[mq:myhouse/greatroom/light:command:OFF:0]", insteonplm="2E.5D.60:F00.00.19#dimmer" } 

I have verified that my broker is working with my test device (non-Insteon). Any help is appreciated!

You are missing the “mqtt=” part of the config:

Dimmer grLamps "Great Room Lamps" (GreatRoom,Main,Lights) { mqtt=">[mq:myhouse/greatroom/light:command:ON:1],>[mq:myhouse/greatroom/light:command:OFF:0]", insteonplm="2E.5D.60:F00.00.19#dimmer" }

Well, cr@p! Thank you for your help. I’d been staring at that for so long - embarrassing that it was something so simple!