Help with integration of audio system - TCP binding

Dear community,
Like I suspect many others do, I became a member today as I cannot find an answer to my question. Naturally, I hope that this will be solved so that others one day will benefit from your help.

In a nutshell:
I have an audio system from Bang & Olufsen that is not supported by an official binding today. In order to integrate it I purchased a Beolink Gateway (BLGW) a while back (basically a home automation hub in itself) and initially tried to create dummy switches and expose them to the BLGW through the Philips Hue emulator.
The BLGW would then sense states/changes and fire rules and macros which, in turn, interacts with the music system.
Regrettably, this did not work to well, I could get the BLGW to link to the Emulator but only real things (lamps/switches) were reacted upon.

I have since read that the BLGW supports TCP as well as IFTTT. As I do not wish to rely on IFTTT I was hoping that there would be someone here that can help me configure my OpenHAB 2.5.8 (RPi 3) to connect with the BLGW through this protocol. I have very little experience here, so any help is very welcome.

There are two documents that I think is relevant to this topic, one can be found at:

See page 6 section 3.2

The other one at:

See page 24

If you have made it this far, thank you in advance for your help.

Is this any use to you?

Thank you for your reply, MDAR.
It might help, although I have to be honest and say that Barjonas’ comment did not leave a lot for me to extrapolate from. The Beocreate is a Raspberry Pi making some older speakers “Smart”, so quite possibly something that I can use.

Did the post that you linked to tell you more than it did me?


It was the reference to WebSockets that peeked my curiosity.

I’ve just discovered WebSockets with Node-RED & QLCplus, so I wondered if you could use something similar.

If… Bajonas would be kind enough to share the exact WebSockets URL. (Or you can find it somewhere else??)

Sorry for absence, I am in the middle of moving and have not spent a lot of time focusing on home automation of late. Your mention of Node-RED helped me find a solution to my problem. I have yet to look into QLCplus, but simply using the TCP nodes and the BeoLink Gateway’s HIP (Home Integration Protocol) has proven enough. However, if I did not have a BLGW the WebSockets would have been the next step.
Now, my focus will be to better understand Node-RED and JavaScript in order to automate authentication between Node-Red and BLGW at startup/reboot/network loss. Other than that, TV and music can now start or stop from rules within OpenHAB (which I will probably migrate to Node-RED when I am finished moving, to be honest).
Thank you for your nudge in the right direction!

Hi Oden

I am also looking into this topic, but the links are broken. Any chance you could share the file?

Doesn’t work: