Help with Intel NUC + CEC


I have an Intel NUC running Windows 10, which I am using as a Skype platform and remote display. I have OpenHAB2 running on a Ubuntu box elsewhere in the home.

I’ve purchased the Pulse-Eight CEC adapter for my NUC and installed it, and validated it works. At this point, my goal is to leverage presence detection in OpenHAB to turn the screen on my NUC on and off. It looks to me like using cec_client.exe is the best way to achieve this.

Has anyone created / scripted a solution like this in the past? I am thinking that there are probably two potential approaches:

  1. Push commands via OpenHAB to the Windows 10 box, or,
  2. Write a script that queries the OpenHAB API and checks the state of my presence item

I am leaning towards option 1, as I don’t like query-based approaches in general. Has anyone done anything like this with any success?

Not with Windows but I wrote to do stuff like this for me. But you will have to figure out how to get it to run as a service on the Win10 machine. You can configure it with an MQTT communicator and the Exec Actuator to call this command on a message from OH.

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