Help with Label List Item

Hey all,

I need some help with my List Card.
In my List Card I create multiple Label Items for my Window Contacts.

Now my Problem: I like to hide the status. It takes to much space on my Overlay.
Is there any way to hide the Item status without breaking the functionality of the status related Icons?

2024-05-23 12_22_42-openHAB

There are two fairly simple solutions here:

  1. The oh-label-item comes with a property, after, which overrides the label display. You can just set this some blank string if you want the label to be not visible at all. Of course, you can also use this reduce the size of the label if you wish instead. For example:
after: =items.Your_Item_Here.state[0]

would display only the first character of the status ('O' or 'C' in this case)

  1. An oh-label-item is just an oh-list-item that has had an additional label incorporated. If you don’t want that extra label at all, then just change your label item to a list item instead.
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