Help with Network Binding after updating OH 2.1.0 > 2.2.0

Hi Everyone hoping you could help me with a my last problem i encountered when updating openhab

Problem 2: My network items are temprimental they tell the truth about there status 80% of the time the rest of the time they randomly change from off to on i have a device thats not powered that it says is connected randomly to my network any ideas on a fix

OH running on windows 10 used auto discover to add things and items

Binding settings   
system ping:ON 
Listen to DHCP:OFF
Cache time:1000ms
arping:not installed

Thing Settings

Check your thing config, device is now pingdevice.

Thanks for the reply Sihui

I have got closer to solving this problem im still not sure if 100% perfect but changing the timeout setting from 5000 to 500 made it alot more stable

I’m still having the problem of devices reporting strange values intermittently change to on when off and vice versa