Help with previously contributed Honeywell Wifi Binding

Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate your help (and patience) with me in getting a contributed binding before it is released.

I found that a Honeywell WiFi binding has been contributed to openhab2. If you search github openhab and “Add new Honeywell WiFi thermostat binding”, you will find it. (Sorry - when I put the link into this post I get an error message saying that new users cannot post messages with more than two links (even though I am only posting the URL for a single link - who knows…)

When I clone the openhab2 project into a local directory, I do not see the honeywell addon listed in the addons directory, and when I try to do a checkout using git on the commit containing the honeywell add on, I get error messages. I do not see the binding anywhere in the nightly builds, so I am a little bit lost as to how to get access to this. Can anyone tell me how to get access to this?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Brad,

in my understanding, that Honeywell Wifi Binding is not yet merged. See


Thanks for the reply Markus. This explains why I do not see it. I am still getting used to GitHub. Is there a way for me to see the code on an unmerged branch?

That is the ‘private’ branch from Rendman where he is doing his implementation and from where the pull request comes from.

Okay - thank you again, and I have just found it on my own. I will pull this down and look at it. I have been doing *NIX system administration for many years. I am not a programmer, but I have a keen interest in having this binding working. I may be able to contribute to the project and clean up some of the issues which were identified in the comments, but first I need to get an eclipse environment up and running and pull the private repo down to see if I can get it working locally. Also, I am new to github, and I do not know how the etiquette works. I assume I should contact Rendman to see if he accepts help? Or should I just fork his private project and make contributions as I am able?

I think contacting Rendman to see how you can help will be good. Has been a while since the last update in his branch.

Thank you - I will do that next. I very much appreciate your quick reply to my posting.

I just came looking and hoping a binding was being worked on for this as in IMO the Honeywell Wifi Thermostat is one of the nicest looking ones on the market compared to some the zwave ones out there.

Has any further progress been made and/or something to test with? I’m practically done with using Wink now and fully moved over to OpenHab as I learn and continue with my HA project

I’ve got some scripts working in OH1 that authenticate to the Honeywell website and grab some useful data. I never bothered with pushing changes through the website. I can post if anyone is interested.

The OH2 binding that Rendman put together needs some polishing, but it is definitely a good start in OH2. I ended up staying on OH1 (not because of the binding) and writing some personal scripts.

Kevin, I would very much appreciate if you could post this work. I am also sticking with OH1 for now and have several HW WiFi thermostats that I would love to integrate into OH. Thanks for replying.

I tried to sanitize the script today and remove passwords. When I tried it, I got an error. I can post it, but it may be that Honeywell changed something on their website that now isn’t scraping properly.

If you want, here is my sanitized script…

It looks nice, but requires their cloud service. If you query them to much they lock your account! I had 5 stats and had to switch to z-wave after they shut off my account. It looked nice, but being stuck with their cloud service can be a big problem.

Hey guys,

I have a link to the jar however I don’t know the code for what fields it expects beyond username and password. Anyone have any insight?

I am running it with my Total control and it works perfectly. See my post…

Digging up an old post, but wanted to learn if anyone ever got the HoneyWell Binding working in OH2 and how you may have done it. I’m guessing OH2 has changed a little since the binding was first created, and seems Rendman’s github page is now a dead link…

But I found a post and a copy of the binding jar file from here:


JAR file here:

I added the JAR file to my Addons folder and it actually showed in the PaperUI, but in the log it says the installation failed with this error:

[ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-binding-honeywell': No matching features for openhab-binding-honeywell/0.0.0

Perhaps I need to setup a honeywell.cfg file with some settings, but haven’t found anything on that yet.

And I’m assuming (unfortunately) that the binding is polling their web service vs being able to actually connect directly to the Thermostat?

Did anyone get the Honeywell working with Openhab2? I have been searching and dont see much about it other then tries.

Unzipping the JAR, I see there are some issues that might prevent it from working. Also, Honeywell makes different wi-fi thermostats that use completely different APIs to access them, so identifying any binding as just “Honeywell” with no further qualifiers is bound to lead to poor assumptions about whether it works for you.

Also, if you have a Honeywell Lyric thermostat, the current API has an implementation choice that makes it impractical to integrate with openHAB, hopefully to be addressed by Honeywell soon.

Ah thanks. I have the Honeywell rth9580wf with the total home comfort app on my tablet.

That’s at least better than the Lyric, in terms of integration prospects!

Any progress on the Honeywell binding? I have a RTH8580WF that I’m trying to get working. I see there’s been no postings for about 2 years,