Help with RFXCOM and 4 Port Relay - Lighting4 Protocol

Hi @kevin
I don’t see your pull request in the Openhab list. It is probably only in your fork. You have to create the PR in the official repo. Please follow the conventions : (specially the “merge commits”) before creating your PR.

Thanks, will get onto this when I have time to work out exactly what is required. I’m totally new to all this “Git / Pull / Fork / Repo / Issue / Documentation / Commit / Merge” business so given that my first attempt didn’t work, I clearly need to understand what’s needed before I try again…
In the meantime my first attempt I think can be found at:

Having a look at your repo :

  • You have to create the 2 commits in the same branch (for instance, sheppy99-AddNumberTypeToLighting4Outputs)
  • Then install a github client (for instance,
  • Clone your new branch on your PC
  • Squash the 2 commits in a single one using the github client (described in It will avoid to have multiple PRs for a single Openhab binding new feature
  • After git rebase -i and git push -f, your desktop and your local branch should be synced. You can now go to the official Openhab repo and create a pull request between your branch and the official repo
  • Your pull request are useless as they are only local to your repo (=you asked yourself to merge your commit).

I’ve tried to follow this, and now I have a Git client on my desktop, however I don’t understand what I have to do next and the only thing I can find to squash is a nearby fly - see picture of what I have so far, I’m on Win7 - apologies if this is blindingly obvious!

To complete this thread I’ve given up on trying to make sense of Desktop GIT / Web GIT / Pulls etc and copy and pasted the information into an enhancement request at Hopefully those that know more can pick it up and paste my working changes into the binding for future use.
If anyone wants a copy of my working binding please PM me.

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I have the same issue as you trying to command a 4-relay board. Could you please share your modified rfxcom binding?

Here’s the link
I’ve just taken my 4-port relay out of service as the range was a lot worse than with my single channel ones, the binding has worked flawlessly for a few weeks though.

The item will look something like:

 Number FourPortRelay { rfxcom=">292184.550:LIGHTING4.PT2262:Number" }

The 292184 will need changing to whatever your device is, or you could just leave it as is and then send a number 1 to it whilst its in learning mode.

The Number that is sent to it is based upon which relays are on and off in Binary, then converted to Decimal. I did this in a rule

var java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock lock95 = new java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock()
var Number RelayStatus

rule "4 port relay"
when Item Relay1 changed
or Item Relay2 changed
or Item Relay3 changed
or Item Relay4 changed
try	{		
	RelayStatus = 0
	if (Relay1.state == ON)	{	RelayStatus = RelayStatus + 8	}
	if (Relay2.state == ON)	{	RelayStatus = RelayStatus + 4	}
	if (Relay3state == ON)	{	RelayStatus = RelayStatus + 2	}
	if (Relay4.state == ON)	{	RelayStatus = RelayStatus + 1	}
}	finally	{	lock95.unlock()		}

Thank you very much!

Is this now integrated into the OH2 binding? Or do I need to do something to use this?

thank you

Not in OH1, I do not know about OH2. I had to download a manually hacked version of this module, see post #27. I also had to use it slightly differently to the way @kevin described, because in my case I need to send an arbitrary sequence, not one limited to those on/off commands, which my Mercury equipment does not support. Having said that, it all works reliably for me.

I think something has recently been updated with the binding as I had a bunch of notifications from GitHub. I’d give it a try, the GitHub thread is below

I just created a pull request to support this in OH2, if people have time please test it!