Help with SCHLAGE BE469NX

Hi. I just bought a SCHLAGE BE469NX door lock. I am using Openhab2 with Zwave binding 2.3.0.SNAPSHOT. When I try to discover the look. It does not discover anything. I am using a Zwave stick with a Raspberry pi . Please Help.

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Thanks @rlkoshak I alredy read that post. I newbie and I can not install the new z-wave binding. Y copy the .jar file to the addon folder then install openhab-transport-serial with feature:install openhab-transport-serial.
Restart openhab using sudo systemctl restart openhab2, but the binding is not installed. If I install it using Paper UI I guess that I am not installing the correct one.
Please help me!

I am from Ecuador. I am sorry for my english.

I don’t use the development branch of the zwave binding or any other binding so I’m not going to be much help.

All I can say is you need to remove the binding that you installed via PaperUI. Then drop the jar file from that thread into the addons folder. It should automatically install it from there.

Just installed the las z-wave zwave_bindingbinding but I can not discover the BE469NX Lock.