Help with setup over too a rpi

(Aaron) #1

Hi Everyone I’m new too Linux and Raspberry PI

Running Openhabian on RPI3 B+

I’m in the process of transferring my setup from a Windows machine too the PI I have ran into a couple of problems

  1. moving my habpannel over but couldn’t get this too work

I tried moving the habpannel.config but couldent select my old pannels just local

I’m probably just getting the order wrong or something

2) I have also enabled WiFi but would like too turn it off and can’t work out where I would need too do that rasp-config? Openhabian-config?

Can I stop windows from restarting
(Rich Koshak) #2

raspi-config will let you turn off the wifi. I can’t remember if openhabian-config offers that option.

Can’t help with HABPanel.

(Aaron) #3

I have looked couldent find anything will look again thanks rich

(Rich Koshak) #4

Good time to search Google for “turn off wifi raspberry pi”. :wink:

I just ran raspi-config and indeed, you can only set the SSID but not turn off the wifi from there.

(Aaron) #5

I have also tried that and couldent get it too work that’s why I posted here :slight_smile:

I found and opened the boot/config.txt file but couldent find where too write the command

(Rich Koshak) #6

Add that line to boot.config.txt. That is a config file that is read when the RPi first starts to boot up.

(Aaron) #8

(SOLVED) wifi problem thanks rich just HABPannel now

(Aaron) #9

I think im pretty much done now just testing the system still works as expected

one question how do i change the log level i have tried command

log:set debug in a SSH console

(Sascha Billian) #10

Once you ssh’ed onto your Raspberry, you need to access the Apache Karaf Console for changing the debug levels:

(Aaron) #11

I’m more used too the karaf from running on windows but tbh I thought that’s what I was accessing when I ssh into the rpi thanks for that

(Aaron) #12

Thanks for that

I have successfully accessed openhab’s console

how do i exit the console and go back to the normal openhabian ssh termainal?

i know you can just close the SSH Terminal but what about when i want too go back

(Sascha Billian) #13

CTRL-D usually does the trick. I think the command “exit” should also work