Help with ZoneDateTime in averageSince

I need some help; I am running OH2.5.12 and have succesfully captured seawater temperatures for more than one year now. I have rr4dj persistance running as well.

Now, I would like to make a compare of the average temp for the last week with the average for the same week one year ago. How do I do that, using averageSince ?
I know how to make the average for the last week:

Temperature.averageSince(now.minusWeeks(1), "rr4dj")

But how do I set startpoint one year to get the average from one year ago and a week further back than that ?

You can’t do that with standard openHAB persistence service.

You can calculate and store a weekly average as you go along, and of course retrieve it later. Too late for last year though.

Or maybe you can write an external script that queries the database directly, using more complex queries than offered by standard persistence.

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