Help with Zwave exclusion/inclusion

Hi, I’m having a tough time trying to add to my Zwave network one Danfoss Valve 014G0001 an a Duwi 5445 remote control.

I was able to connect them to an old setup I had (with a different Zwave stick) and, by that time, the XML file were not available in OH1 and I end up forgetting them in a box.

Now, I’ve realize that both of them are supported in OH2 and I’m trying to add them to my network, but I guess that both of them are still included in the old Zwave network I don’t have any more.

Trying to include them the “normal” way I get nothing. I’ve look in the manual for a factory reset, but I can’t find it.

Any clue in how to re-adopt this devices??


I can’t find both of them in the DB … please post links.

If you can’t reset them you could try to use the zensys tool.

Disregard my last answer.The zensys tool can be used to remove dead nodes from the stick …

I’m sorry, I made a mistake in the Danfoss reference is 014G0013 which is in cd-jackson DB

But finally, no way to reset them!!

See the manual, chapter 1.10!

Thank You!!! I didn’t find this manual!!! I’m gping to keep it.

Thx again!!