HEX from colorpicker to mqtt

I have a mysensors node that I built that controls some leds I had laying around. I can manually send a hex value to the mqtt node and a value for brightness (below, sending white, 50% brightness)

ex: ffffff


Works no problem. I am trying to get the color picker in my sitemap to be able to control this. Not having any luck. I don’t see any change via the color picker, and nothing in the log.

Anyone have any kind of colorpicker setup to send hex?

Try to take a look at this project, it seems similar to yours. In one comment there’s the link to oh files.

I was able to figure it out. I ended up having to create a color item in openhab that takes in the color from the color picker. Then a rule to process the color to hex, which then updates a string item sent to the mqtt node that goes to mysensors.

@crankycoder How did you do this? Are you still doing this or have you evolved? If yes, what are you using now?