HI I am trying to map 1 to on and 0 to off ..help

I have a small problem I am trying to use your rules in Paperui .to switch off a hue light when a pir sensor is set to 1(there is no option in drop down for state 1 or 0 only on,off,open&close)
my items file works when set to :- Number Sensortwo_PIR “PIR: [%.1f m]” (Kitchen) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/Sensortwo/PIR/Switch:state:default]"}
But when I install transformation and create a map file i just get NULL…
and edit items to use the map file:-Number Sensortwo_PIR “PIR: [%.1f m]” (Kitchen) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/Sensortwo/PIR/Switch:state:MAP(onoff.map):%d]"}
I get nothing in log file … the map file is called onoff.map

got rule working, did not realize you can put your own values in … but would still like to know what i am doing wrong with transformation

Maybe this is too simple, but did you have installed the map transformation binding?

Forget it, I didn’t read correct enough…