Hidden network with no security in openhabian.conf file

Hi, I use a network that is hidden and unsecured. Do not know how to setup the openhabian.conf file for that. I have tried the option similar to the wpa_supplicant i.e. scan_ssid=1 and key_mgmt=NONE. It seems not to work since it is not finding the network. Any ideas on this?


Hopefully someone can pipe in on the openHABian front. But I will say that just because you don’t broadcast your SSID does not mean your network is hidden. Anyone with a quick google search can acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to find your network and log in.

At least use MAC address filtering or something. At this point, your network is basically completely open. I would definitely not put my home automation accessible to anyone close enough to log in.

Not sure but I don’t think there’s a specific setup option in openHABian for this.
You can use options like the following in /etc/network/interfaces, but Rich is right: You should definitely secure your network, not doing so is hazardous. Better even to use the wired interface only.

#auto wlan0
#allow-hotplug wlan0
#iface wlan0 inet dhcp
#iface wlan0 inet static
#        address
#        netmask
#        gateway
#        dns-nameservers
#        domain-name your.domain.here
#        dhcp hostname pi-wlan
#        wpa-ap-scan 1
#        wpa-scan-ssid 1
#        wpa-ssid "your ssid"
#        wpa-psk "your key"